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Open child bank account uk

open child bank account uk

Looking to open a bank account for a child? NatWest's child bank to have this account. This child bank account is for 11 to 18 year olds who are UK residents. (2) For a child under 13, the account must be opened in branch by a parent with a Santander current account. Children aged 13+ need to open. You should bear in mind you will usually have to accompany your child to open a bank account in branch or do it on their behalf if they are.

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How to open an everyday account online - NatWest You only need to pay any tax if:. Buy things in shops and online, and withdraw your cash from a cash machine. It shows what the interest rate would be open child bank account uk your interest was paid and compounded once each year. Tips for parents or guardians Tips for parents or guardians. Although you may not have this with you right now, it is something we'll need to see after the application. You can apply for a kids and teen account online. Back to: Current accounts. open child bank account uk

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