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Comcast customer service number chat

comcast customer service number chat

Resolve Xfinity issues without needing a phone call. Pay your bill, get support, or connect with an agent with Xfinity Assistant. If you have a complaint regarding your Xfinity TV service or your bill, you will find information on contacting us through chat or by phone at​. If you've ever had to call Comcast's customer service, you're familiar with how after the customer service representative tried, for 20 painful minutes, to talk him out A lot of times it's an hour or two off the phone during work.

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Comcast customer service number chat -

I only see them and talk to them in person once a week to review my calls. Currently you can call only US numbers. Scare tactics? Account , Gift Card , Website. Telecommunications Comcast Customer Service. comcast customer service number chat

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