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Mailchimp logo not showing

mailchimp logo not showing

update: so the plugin is generating the image url based on the (ish) thumbnail. which doesnt seem to exist, but the main image itself does. Should I try to regen. MailChimp no longer supports older versions of Mail Designer, such as Mail Designer 2 Why am I seeing the Mailchimp logo in my newsletter after I export? type="image/jpg" medium="image"/>. Mailchimp displays all titles,desicription and date etc fine but not displaying image. Is I am missing.

Mailchimp logo not showing -

Microsoft Word is meant for print design and attempts to render HTML like it would look in print preview, causing the display to look different from what you may have designed and tested. To set a default logo, follow these steps. On the My Logo tab, click Insert. In your layout, click the logo placeholder. Learn about image size, format, color profile, and screen displays for best image view-ability. The help articles don't make sense. Images are sideways, or in the wrong orientation. Outlook does not support animated GIFs. In the Content Studio, click the image you want to use as your mailchimp logo not showing. Whether you're an expert or just starting, Mailchimp has an email template for you. Paid users can log in for email or chat support. mailchimp logo not showing

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