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Lloyds banking group investor relations calendar

Lloyds Financial Calendar. Key Dates for LLOY. Lloyds Banking Group Plc Ord 10P Upcoming Financial Events. fully and unconditionally guaranteed by Lloyds Banking Group plc Period divided by the total number of calendar days in such Floating Rate Interest Period​. Lloyds Investor Relations at [email protected] All DividendMax content is provided for informational and research purposes only and is not in any way meant to represent trade or investment recommendations.

Lloyds banking group investor relations calendar -

You should consult your tax adviser regarding the U. Our intended treatment will affect the amounts you will be required to include in income for U. If you intend to purchase the Notes, you must be willing to have your Notes redeemed early. Trustee and Paying Agent:. Dividend Summary The next Lloyds Banking Group plc dividend is expected to go ex in 6 months and to be paid in 7 months. No adjustments to the amount of interest calculated will be made in the event an Interest Payment Date is not a Business Day.

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