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Bank of india fcnr rates

bank of india fcnr rates

Non Resident Accounts, Rate of Interest (%). FCNR(B), RFC Deposits, Click Here to View Interest Rate. NRE Term Deposits, Click Here to View Interest Rate. NRI Deposit Rate · Rates for NRE Rupee Term Deposits Maturity For Deposits of Less than Rs. 2 Cr. For deposits of Rs. · RATE OF INTEREST ON FCNR 'B'. 2 years to less than 3 years. bank of india fcnr rates Thank you! The Bank, on request from a depositor, may at its discretion allow withdrawal of a term deposit before completion of the period of the deposit agreed upon at the time of placement of the deposit. Currency CAD. The MCLR is subject to review and would be published on a monthly basis. Interest Rates for Japanese Yen J. You can withdraw your deposit before the maturity period 3 subject to the bank of india fcnr rates mature withdrawal clause.

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