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Cane corso breeders uk

cane corso breeders uk

Land of Thebes kennel. › BarbarianCorsoKennel. Guided by my own experience for all these years in dog breeding, I found big hole in pet Our beautiful black cane corso boy exported to Birmingham,UK.

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The PRICE Cane Corso Provide a written record, in the Puppy Sales Wallet, on the cane corso breeders uk measures taken. Over the next three months cane corso breeders uk started the process of importing the two puppies to the UK Giancarlo and Anna selected the ideal specimens to introduce into the UK in February the two puppies entered quarantine kennels a brindled bitch Nala taken from the Lion King film and Capo grey male which means boss in Italian. We spend our days either training our dogs, working them or just simply enjoying their company. We have one more champion in our kennel!!! So me my wife flew to the middle of Sicily to find the kennels. Hamsters will exercise themselves on a wire wheel.

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