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Government petty cash voucher form

government petty cash voucher form

guidance and limitations for petty cash, dis-isses required forms, and includes a self-inspection Both types of funds are assets of the government and are controlled and AF form Petty Cash/Refund Voucher. AF form NAP. (2) A "Petty Cash Voucher" form must be taken to the vendor-site, and must be completed at the time of the purchase. The approved form, along with an original​. control of Fauquier County Government and Public Schools' petty cash accounts. Petty Cash Voucher/Advance Form – The form completed by the individual.

Government petty cash voucher form -

Whether for a temporary or permanent period of time. Non-Allowable Expenditures. This form must be completed and returned within ten 10 business days for year end reconciliation. Petty cash transactions are posted to the ledger as they occur, or held until the end of each day for posting. Original vendor receipts are required by the Department of Treasury for all types of expenditures. To take full advantage of the new McNeese Website, please enable javascript or change browser options. government petty cash voucher form

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