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Hsbc hong kong current account interest rate

hsbc hong kong current account interest rate

Choose a current accounts that meet your needs. plan, their related fees and charges and risk factors, please refer to the individual product materials/ offering​. HSBC offers Time Deposits that allow you to save your money for a set period of time and get a higher interest rate than in a savings account. Manage your savings across different currencies and earn interest on your account balance. Savings interest rate as of Transfer funds to any account in Hong Kong and around the world easily, Ways to bank with HSBC. hsbc hong kong current account interest rate Singapore Dollar Savings hsbc hong kong current account interest rate. All-in-one integrated bank account for deposits, credit cards, investment, insurance, etc. We offer deposit rates that vary among different currencies, deposit amounts and periods. Lock your money away and earn interest at an attractive rate. Maximise returns from surplus funds with time deposit accounts and capitalise on market opportunities by trading securities online. About Guarantee Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships.

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