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Justin bieber sorry dance

The Girls from Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' Video Might Be the World's Most-Watched Dance Crew. These beautiful and talented dancers are totally. Well, good news folks: That all-female dance crew is back in another amazing Justin Bieber music video. Bieber teamed up with Scooter Braun. Sure, they aren't a former teen heartthrob turned bona fide artist that even grown-‚Äčass adults are down with, but they are absolutely slaying it in this.

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Request Dance Crew performing Sorry by Justin Bieber Plus Created with Sketch. I'm struggling but this is justin bieber sorry dance goals. I had to really be patient, and when my time came, I had to work really hard on my own craft. It's no wonder she made it to the top of Bieber's list for this dance heavy video. Rolling Stone.

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