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Rihanna grammys 2018 fat

rihanna grammys 2018 fat

Rihanna's performance at the Grammys sparked a debate about her "​With all the fat acceptance and 'love me as I am' crowd, there's. This Reaction To Rihanna's Grammys Performance Is Actually Body to a Barstools Sports article called "Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat. After an electrifying performance of "Wild Thoughts" at the Grammys, sexist Twitter trolls are attacking Rihanna for weight, claiming Rihanna receives cruel backlash from fat-shaming trolls after Grammys performance January 29

Rihanna grammys 2018 fat -

Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Since we have our say in our Rihanna's music, makeup and looks, why shouldn't we weigh in on her weight, as well? Get the latest from Revelist. It's a gross but true fact that some people don't seem to be able to look at Rihanna without policing what her body could, should, or does look like. Don't worry, Riri fans took down the sexist a-hole in a series of epic tweets. In the show's biggest MeToo moment, Kesha gave an emotional performance of "Praying," surrounded by women in white and falling into their arms at the end. Rihanna pregnant?!?! Close View image. Did Twitter just rihanna grammys 2018 fat about that, or But despite this being an incredibly obvious fact, not to mention an incredibly easy rule to follow, that has sadly been lost on many people on the internet. Of course, not everyone has fallen into that body shaming trap. By Kadeen Griffiths. rihanna grammys 2018 fat

Rihanna grammys 2018 fat -

The singer has had to slam body shamers and trolls in the past. Rihanna isn't 17 anymore, and no longer at the liberty of middle-aged male music execs who might have told her to lose a few to be more appealing; she's a powerful independent entity who dictates her own direction and size. In a related story, one singer shocked at the Grammy's with her graphic pro-life dress Entertainment Music. In fact, some people think she's put on so much weight, she might be pregnant. It's a gross but true fact that some people don't seem to be able to look at Rihanna without policing what her body could, should, or does look like. As Zahra Barnes wrote for Women's Health in August , "Going forward, how about we all agree not to assume a woman's pregnant unless she a has told you she's knocked up or b is in the actual act of giving birth?

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