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Achilles tendon partial tear thompson test

achilles tendon partial tear thompson test

The Thompson Test is used to diagnose an Achilles tendon tear, which is when the There are several options for treatment of a torn Achilles tendon.1 These. Clarification of the Simmonds–Thompson test for rupture of an Achilles tendon for operative repair, which is the standard treatment for complete ruptures in our. The Thompson test examines the integrity of the Achilles tendon by squeezing the calf. [7] A soleus strain causes pain when activating the calf muscle or when.

Achilles tendon partial tear thompson test -

Musculoskeletal examination. Patients with an Achilles tendon rupture will not always have a palpable gap in the tendon. Staff in the emergency department documented a unilateral swollen lower leg and palpable but subtle step deformities of the Achilles tendon in each patient. Thanks for your feedback! Therefore, when treatment decisions are based on whether a rupture is partial or complete and whether the soleus is involved, the Simmonds—Thompson test alone is insufficient. J Bone Joint Surg Br. Footnotes Competing interests: None declared. If the Achilles tendon has healed without any treatment then it will be elongated, and the affected ankle exhibits a greater range of passive dorsiflexion than the normal ankle where the Achilles tension limits motion before the bony anatomy does. TCT published his findings in E-mail: ku. Previous Post Theodore Campbell Thompson. Simmonds-Thompson test result should be considered positive when achilles tendon partial tear thompson test physical response to calf squeezing is aberrant and the foot fails to plantarflex owing to incongruity of the Achilles tendon, indicative of rupture. Discussion The Simmonds—Thompson test is likely to remain the primary screening procedure for injury to an Achilles tendon. achilles tendon partial tear thompson test

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